Our doctors are eyecare pioneers

For over 30 years, the eye doctors and specialists at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates have dedicated their lives to improving the sight of hundreds of thousands of patients from around the world.

ROBERT J. DERICK M.D., one of our physicians at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates.

Robert J. Derick M.D.

Dr. Derick’s specialties include glaucoma surgery and consultation, small incision cataract surgery and general ophthalmology. He lectures and presents glaucoma-patient case studies and has conducted many research projects for major ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies.

CHARLES J. HICKEY, M.D. smiles in his sky blue bow tie

Charles J. Hickey M.D.

Dr. Hickey had been in private practice for eighteen years prior to bringing his exceptional talents to Columbus Ophthalmology Associates in November 2001. His specialties include small incision cataract surgery, treatment of diabetic retinopathy and retinal laser surgery.

JAMES A. MCHALE M.D., one of our physicians at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates.

James A. McHale M.D.

Dr. McHale, Director of Cataract Services at COA, specializes in cataract surgery, surgery- utilizing the most recent surgical techniques and advanced lens implant technologies. In his clinic, he also treats a variety of conditions, including diabetic eye disease and glaucoma, with both medical and laser treatments. He encounters and manages a variety of external eye and eyelid diseases and infections routinely.

Dr. Bloom

Michael S. Bloom, M.D.

Dr. Bloom’s special interests include Strabismus, ptosis, orbital tumors, nystagmus, pediatric glaucoma, ocular plastic surgery and LASIK Laser Vision Correction.

RICHARD G. ORLANDO M.D., opened our first office in Dublin in 1983.

Richard G. Orlando M.D. (Recently Retired)

Dr. Orlando’s contributions to ophthalmic surgery have earned him the reputation of being a technological leader and true innovator. His area of expertise is small incision cataract surgery utilizing the most advanced IOL technology available to help improve a patient’s vision. Dr. Orlando has participated in FDA clinical studies on surgical devices and has authored scientific and clinical articles, books and videos.

Swarupa Kancherla M.D.

Swarupa Kancherla M.D.

Dr. Kancherla joined Columbus Ophthalmology Associates in 2020. At COA, she specializes in cataracts, corneal transplantation, refractive surgery, and the clinical management of dry eye disease.

DAWN L. HARTMAN O.D., one of our optometrists at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates.

Dawn L. Hartman O.D.

Dr. Dawn Hartman received her optometry degree from The Ohio State University College of Optometry in 1999 and joined Columbus Ophthalmology Associates in July 2011. She has over two decades of experience in complex contact lens fitting, comprehensive ocular health examinations, pre- and post-cataract and refractive co-management, and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

MARCIA E. HOEPF O.D., one of our optometrists at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates.

Marcia E. Hoepf O.D.

Dr. Hoepf joined COA in 2014 where she practiced alongside our glaucoma specialist, Dr. Derick, for the first 2 years. She provides primary eye care to patients of all ages and continues to treat a wide range of ocular diseases. Dr. Hoepf also has a special interest in the pediatric population. She has experience working with children of all ages in the treatment of common refractive and binocular disorders.

RONALD J. MANNARINO O.D., one of our physicians at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates.

Ronald J. Mannarino O.D.

Dr. Mannarino provides full scale optometric care, including examinations for glasses, contact lenses, management of systemic and ocular disorders, and post surgical care.

William B. Burns O.D.

Dr. Burns provides primary eye care for patients of all ages at our Dublin office. He has significant experience working with geriatric patients and in management of cataract patients.

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