A Happy Patient at COA: Joseph Altomonte

July 19, 2019

Our measure of success at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates is how satisfied our patients are with their experience.  Our goal is to improve the lives of people in our community by improving their vision.  For many, poor vision hinders their ability to accomplish goals, and enjoy life. This was all too true for one of our patients, Joe Altomonte.

Having an extremely high prescription Joe’s struggles with his vision were life-long, and required thick glasses at an early age.  He then wore contacts for years, until having a surgical procedure to correct his vision.  The procedure that Joe had was the predecessor of LASIK, called radial keratotomy (RK).  Unlike LASIK, RK was found to be unstable and have many negative side effects and has therefore been abandoned by eye surgeons since the 1980s.

Joe was getting by with his surgically corrected vision for many years until he turned 60 when it rapidly declined which prevented him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a golf teaching professional.  Joe shared that “It seemed like all of a sudden I was losing quality, clarity, colors and overall vision. My poor vision actually led to me not passing the on-course portion of my exam.” Joe was diagnosed with cataracts that are routinely diagnosed and surgically corrected, but given his previous RK surgery his case would be complex and his chances of seeing well without glasses postoperatively were far smaller than someone who had not had RK.  “Because of this my optometrist told me that there was only one place I should go and that was to Columbus Ophthalmology Associates, to see Dr. Litzinger,” Joe recalled.  He also admitted that he was nervous and pessimistic about having a good outcome.  “I have been to many other ophthalmologists, and with the mistake of my last surgery, I wasn’t very confident. However, after the visit with Dr. Litzinger, I felt reassured.”

During his cataract surgery, Joe described being perfectly at ease.  “I had absolutely no pain, no discomfort, no anxiety, nothing during the entire procedure. I took the medication given to take the edge off but I didn’t really need it.  Being prepped by the nurses and all of my conversations with Dr. Litzinger made me 100% comfortable.”  After surgery, Joe couldn’t believe how well he could see.  “My vision is almost too perfect now.  It’s like I can see everything, far beyond what I ever thought could be accomplished with one surgery in one facility.  It’s really like being reborn because of the colors and the beauty I can see now.  I am now able to accomplish things I haven’t been able to over the past 10 years.”

A patient experience like Joe’s is why we come to work with excitement and purpose every day at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates.  We are confident that Joe will be central Ohio’s newest teaching golf professional in a few months, and are humbled to be a part of his success story.



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