Patient Testimonial – Howard Wright

April 18, 2018

Today’s patient testimonial comes from Mr. Howard Wright. Howard was referred to our practice by Dr. Pittser in the Washington Courthouse area. He was suffering from severe cataracts, as well as astigmatism, and had blurred vision at every distance. There wasn’t a part of his life that wasn’t affected by his inability to see clearly. He had a growing difficultly with driving and light sensitivity. While he had worn prescription glasses, they were only masking the true problem. That’s when Howard and his doctor made the decision to not update his prescription and instead contacted Dr. Litzinger to talk to Howard about cataract surgery. Howard’s wife, Elizabeth, was a patient of Dr. Litzinger’s and had a wonderful experience. So the decision was very easy for Howard. After speaking with Dr. Litzinger, he decided to have cataract surgery. He knew he would have to wear readers, but that didn’t bother Howard at all. As long as he would be able to see clearly most of the time, he would be happy again.

Howard recently had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Litzinger and was given a glowing review! Howard no longer needs glasses for daily activities. His farsightedness and astigmatism are gone, and aside from needing mild reading glasses, his vision is 20/20. Dr. Litzinger also told him that his intermediate range is better than 20/20!

Howard and Elizabeth both expressed sincere gratitude to Dr. Litzinger for the amazing work he did restoring their vision. They trusted him from the beginning and are so grateful to be able to live their lives with their best sight ever. Thank you Howard and Elizabeth for trusting us to take care of you and your eyesight!


Howard and Elizabeth Wright. Happy patients of Dr. Litzinger!
Howard and Elizabeth Wright. Happy patients of Dr. Litzinger!

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