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March 15, 2018 Uncategorized

The greatest joy we have is when a patient is satisfied with their entire experience at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates. We’re happy to begin sharing patient testimonials from current patients, so you can see the real difference that is being made in the lives of people in our community through our caring staff and doctors. We’re excited to share James Gallo’s experience with you.

James Gallo has been a patient of Dr. McHale’s for a number of years. He has glaucoma and had been treating it with medication. He also had macular degeneration that was being treated with injections from another physician. James had a number of surgeries to help his macular degeneration and about a year ago, because of those surgeries, his cataract advanced. It advanced so quick and became very think that almost overnight he noticed a difference in his vision. “Before I went blind in my right eye, I could see there was a dullness. It was like looking through a fish tank with really dirty water in it,” said James. Until this point, James was able to go about his daily life, drive to work, help around the house, and spend time with his family. But the sudden decline of his cataract changed everything. His wife Mary adds, “Exactly one year ago…he was in the kitchen saying ‘I can’t see, I can’t see’. It was scary.” James went blind in his right eye and from that point on, their lives weren’t the same.

“For a year, we tried to adjust to his vision. With only one good eye, everything in our lives was affected,” said Mary. “His self-esteem was down because he lost his independence. He would get tired just trying to watch tv and he couldn’t drive anymore. As time went on, it caused a strain for both of us.”

And that’s when James discussed his vision with Dr. McHale and the decision was made that it was time for cataract surgery.

“I read that cataract surgery is the most successful surgery there is and I wasn’t really nervous. It wasn’t intimidating and I knew I was in good hands,” said James. Though his doctors prepared him to not expect much, what he received was truly a miracle.

Almost exactly one year from when his cataract made his eye blind, James Gallo had his cataract surgery. That was one month ago and today he had a follow-up appointment with Dr. McHale.

Today, James has near perfect vision. And in his right eye, his vision is better than before his cataract. “I was surprised at how quick the procedure was. And the recovery time was quick, too. I was back to living my normal life in no time,” James commented. Jame’s wife, Mary, trusted had faith in the work of the doctors. She commented, “It’s amazing the difference his cataract surgery made. In just one year’s time, he went from going blind in one eye and losing his independence to regaining his sight and his self-esteem, and helping around the house again!” James and Mary are beaming as they discuss the trials of the past year and the great victory of James regaining his vision. “One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to the movies and for a whole year we couldn’t go,” said Mary. “But last week, we finally went to the movies. For the first time in a whole year. We were so excited. I took a photo of him in the driver seat and sent it to our kids with a text that said ‘Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen? We’re going to the movies!” James is grateful for the work of Columbus Ophthalmology Associates for saving his vision and giving him his life back. We’re all happy for him and his wife and grateful that they trusted our doctors and staff with something so important.

Dr. McHale and James Gallo
Dr. McHale and James Gallo

Thank you, James and Mary!


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