Dr. McHale Races in Discover Your Abilities 5k

September 28, 2016
On Sept. 11, Dr. James McHale and his daughter Kaitlyn, 11, raced in the Discover Your Abilities 5k.

The event is organized by the Franklin County Board of Developmentally Disabled (FCBDD) and aims to celebrate all participants, regardless of abilities.

FCBDD employee and 5k organizer, Andy Cole, is thrilled to have a role in planning the event and watching it grow over the years.

“This year was the third year of the Discover Your Abilities 5K. This is not your average 5K event, it’s geared toward people of all walks of life – no matter what your abilities are. I’m part of a committee that plans the event, and we have such a great time organizing. We’re starting to get some big corporate sponsors, but more importantly folks that we serve within the FCBDD community, families and friends [are participating]. All proceeds go to FCBDD Special Olympics, who have many of their athletes turn out for the event,” Cole said.



With the event taking place on Sept. 11 this year, the 5k included local participation from local firefighters and police.

“This year the event fell on Sept. 11, so we wanted to recognize the importance of this day with local police and firefighters,” Cole said.

The FCBDD has helped many adults with disabilities find employment, which is Cole’s focus at his position at an Adult Service Program.

“I have worked for FCBDD for nearly 23 years and I’m part of a great team at ARC Industries, which is an Adult Service Program funded by FCBDD. We serve adults with disabilities and the focus is getting these adults competitive employment out in the community.  In 2015, we partnered with 240 companies in Columbus that contract us to perform a specific job. These adults either work in groups based on need or are placed individually with job coaches facilitating the training. The ultimate goal is for the company to hire in full-time,” Cole said.

Want to learn more about the FCBDD and their work? Visit their website here.

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