Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Technology: How Does it Work?

September 13, 2016

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has an iris scanner. 

Several years ago, fingerprint scanning technology for phones was the latest trend. Now, the technology has moved to the eyes with iris recognition security. Read below to learn more about the technology and watch Dr. Orlando talk about how the scanner uses your eyes.

How does an iris scanner work? 

With phone security becoming a significant issue in today’s society, phone manufacturers are now faced with the task to make phones more secure. The new solution appears to be using iris scanning technology. This new feature unlocks your device by capturing your iris, or the colored part of your eye, into a biometric template and then storing the information to compare the stored iris to the scanned iris, according to the International Business Times. Because each person has a unique iris pattern, it’s considered more secure than a fingerprint.

How does it use your iris?

Watch the video below to see Dr. Orlando explain how your iris is used.

Is iris scanning technology safe for your eyes?

While this technology in phones is still new, it’s not believed the iris scanning technology is damaging to your eyes because the iris is protected behind the eyelid, cornea and aqueous humor which is a transparent watery fluid.

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Featured image via The Verge. 

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