High Prescription? Astigmatism? You Can Wear Contacts, Too

August 20, 2014

At Columbus Ophthalmology, we strive to help every patient see better, and I’m proud to specialize in difficult contact lens fittings including patients with high prescriptions, astigmatism and multifocals. I recently saw a patient for a second opinion regarding the possibility of wearing contact lenses. The patient was a teenage girl who was told by her last eye doctor that she could not wear contacts due to her high prescription. After her examination, I decided to try a hybrid contact lens made by SynergEyes called the Duette.

The Duette combines two types of contact lens materials: a rigid gas permeable center and a soft skirt or edge. The center provides extremely sharp and crisp high-definition vision and the soft edge provides comfort. The Duette looks and feels like a soft contact lens and can be cleaned with Biotrue, a solution approved for all soft contact lenses.

The Duette hybrid contact lens is available for patients with very high amounts of farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism and those who require bifocals or multifocal glasses. My patient was happy to hear she could wear contacts for sports and in school. She was tired of breaking her glasses during games or practices and also hated wearing very thick glasses around her friends. She now sees better with her Duette contact lenses than she sees with her glasses. Vision with glasses is not as crisp and clear when looking through the peripheral optics or edge of a spectacle lens. Vision is also reduced with glasses due to reflective glare that you do not have with contact lenses. This is because the contact lens being right on the eye and not 12 millimeters away from your cornea. Contact lenses allow for clearer vision because you are always looking through the center of the lens or sweet spot. When you move your eye, the center of the contact lens moves or tracks with your eye.

Columbus Ophthalmology Associates strives to provide the best vision for our patients. As technology advances we help provide many options for our patients. The Duette contact lens is just one more great option.  Please feel free to schedule a consultation to see which option is best for you.

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